Game One vs. Villanova

The players were never lonely in the Penalty Box. This picture was taken by Michael LoRusso.

Rowan won its first game of the season Friday night, in a non-league match-up against (DI) Villanova. The final score was 3-2.

The game was tight with the lead never being greater than one goal. Rowan began the scoring in the first period, but Villanova tied it early in the second. Later in the period the Profs scored again but Villanova struck back less than a minute later. Rowan scored the go ahead goal in the third period and was able to hang on to the one goal lead. Villanova pulled their goalie in the final minutes but couldn’t score because of a stingy Rowan defensive effort.

Both teams fought hard from the opening puck drop until the final whistle. Every player was physical and threw their weight around. The players racked up plenty of penalties and did a lot of chirping.

In the end, Rowan was victorious in a thrilling game to start the season.


One response to “Game One vs. Villanova

  1. I was happy to get information about Friday nights game. I was actually curious about how Rowan Ice Hockey did against Villanova and I couldn’t find the score all weekend. Keep the updates coming because Rowan’s hockey team is technically our highest division sport and it’s hard to get information about the team.

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