Game Recap against Temple

This is a picture of the team before the start of the third period, it was taken by Michael LoRusso.

Last week the Profs took on the Temple Owls. The Profs won easily in a physical game, 5-2.

Rowan jumped out to a 1-0 lead in the first period when Eric Schenk scored. Then Tim Larkin scored a highlight reel goal to increase the Profs lead to 2-0.  The Owls cut the lead in half by scoring on a two-on-one. In the second period, a big hit by Erich Moen led to another great goal by Larkin. Later in the period, a Temple player took a bad by elbowing JC Caulfield. Caulfield would then deflect a shot from the point to score on the ensuing power play. The Profs weren’t done there, Travis Trent quickly scored on a two-on-one to give the Profs a 5-1 lead. Temple scored once more before the end of the second period.

During the third period the game became rough. All the players were getting involved and every time a player touched the puck they were expecting to get hit. With 14 seconds left in the game a line brawl broke out.

The league reviewed the video of the brawl and issued supplementary discipline. Two coaches and six players were suspended for a total of 22 games.

The Profs next home game is Saturday against Delaware at 8:15.


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