Rowan vs. Maryland

Profs celebrating a goal, going down the line for high fives. This picture was taken by Michael LoRusso.

This week I decided to do something different and do a live update as the game went on. I was listening to the game on the IYM Sports Radio and wrote a some of the highlights.

Rowan went to Maryland to play against the Terrapins.

Puck drop, not much flow to the game.

Trent throws a saucer pass to Caulfield for the first goal of the game, it was his 3rd of the year.

The goalies are covering the pucks and forcing face offs every chance they get.

Caulfield took a hard hit and was injured. He did not return, although expects to be in the lineup tomorrow.

Larkin scores on a wrist shot. After Maryland Defender runs into his own goalie. The goal was Larkin’s team leading 10th of the season.

Maryland call a timeout and tries to regroup.

Scarangella, freshman, scores on a breakaway. 1st goal of the year

2nd Period

This period starts out with a better flow, it is more open. Maryland comes out hard.

Trent and MacDonald go in on a 2-1 and MacDonald scores his 1st college goal.

Schenk and Paulo throw big hits and get good scoring opportunity.

More back and forth play.

Terps have a bad change and get called for too many men on the ice.

Rowan power play goal by Zackowski.

Maryland calls their second timeout.

The play is more physical now.

Trent toe drags, shots, gets his own rebound and scores for his 4th of the season.

Maryland makes a goalie change.

Maryland scores off of a bouncing puck.

A 2-1 turned into a breakaway as Schickner passes to Schenk who passes to Zackowski for his 2nd of the night 3rd of the season. 7-1 Rowan leads.

Trent takes a hit and makes a pass to Willwerth who scores his 2nd of the season

Profs goalie Reilly gets hit in the shoulder, looks shaken up but stays in the game.

Nicolai scores off of a give away in the middle. He goes top shelf for his 5th of the season.

Big shoulder save by Prof goalie Reilly.

Trent scores five hole. It is his second of the game 5th of the season. 10-1 Rowan leads.

Rowan goalie change, DeFilippis‘ first time getting into a game.

Scarangella scores his second of the game and season. 11-1.

DeFilippis stops breakaway.

Both benches chirping towards each other.

Both teams still getting good chances.

Last minute of the game, Rowan players with two goals on ice going for hat tricks.

*Paulo was also injured during the game and did not return.

Game Over Final Rowan 11 Maryland 1


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