Fall Semester Review & Rowan vs. Penn State Live Blog

More than halfway through the season and the Profs are still one of the top teams in the MACHA.

Rowan has had a great season so far and finished the first semester with a season record of 14-5-1. The Profs started out hot going 11-0 to begin the season. The first game of the year was a home game against Villanova. Rowan won this close game 3-2. The 11-0 streak had some impressive victories, including going undefeated in the Maryland Showcase against Louisville, Ohio State, and TCNJ.

Two of the Profs more high scoring wins were against the University of Maryland. First Rowan went down to Maryland and destroyed the Terps 11-1. Then a week later Maryland came to Hollydell to get some revenge by but the Profs decimated them winning, 14-2. In total Rowan won both games by a combined 23-3, that sounds like a football score.

As the games against Maryland proved the Profs can score, and score a lot. Rowan received goals from all four lines all year long. This helped because one line was not forced to due all the scoring. Having all lines pitch in scoring really took the pressure off of the top lines.

At the beginning of this season I was not sure what to think about the team. I did not know if they were going to be as successful as they have been in years past. This season they were losing their best player and reigning league co-MVP, Colin Davis. But this year the whole team stepped up their game to makeup for the loss. Even the defensive men have been helping to score some big goals, such as Erich Moen and Andrew Dougherty.

The team has also benefited from senior goaltender Brien Bennett‘s superb play in their own end of the ice. Bennett has always been there whenever his teammates needed him and won them some tight games.

Some of the teams highest scoring players were Junior Tim Larkin and freshman Alec Nicolai. Both players have been having spectacular seasons and scoring some highlight reel goals. Captain JC Caulfield has been having his best season ever playing on the top line. Seniors Eric Schenk, AJ Zackowski, and Jon Paulo have been solid and provided veteran leadership that this young team needed.

I was recently able to speak to some fans about what they thought about the team and this is what they had to say.

Senior Tom Schoendorf stated, “I love attending the games, my favorite parts are when the team gets into the rough stuff. Whenever there is a big hit the whole crowd cheers and goes wild.”

Senior Courtney Quinn said,”I go to the games as often as possible, because I know some of the players on the team. I always have fun in the stands by the Rugby team. They chant funny things and really create a good atmosphere.”

“They are a very exciting team to watch. I love the high scoring games. The 14-2 win against Maryland was a lot of fun to see and I can’t wait to see some games next semester”, said avid fan Kevin Barry.

Rowan hopes to continue their success into next year with the 4th Annual Pond Hockey Classic against Montclair State University. The Pond Hockey Classic will take place on January 6th at 5 p.m. at the Navesink Country Club. The game might be streamed online, I will post a link to that if that happens.

Below is the live blog that I did during the last home game of the semester.



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